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This is the place to tap into the cumulative knowledge pool of all customers and employees who choose to participate.  Please feel free to jump into any discussion, leave comments, or otherwise add your valuable input so everyone can benefit.   Don't be shy!

The Community is the home of the Micro Focus Knowledge Base. Each product group now provides you with a large amount of information from forum posts to knowledge base articles. To take advantage of this and to make your life easier; please use the search function found in the top right hand corner of every page. The search will direct you to all relevant forum, blog and wiki (knowledge base) posts and can also be accessed via http://community.microfocus.com/search

In the event that your question isn’t found via search, please use the product forums to ask any questions you may have and interact with fellow users and Micro Focus employees. Forum discussions are great to get and share information, but they are not "official" support.   Please use SupportLine if you need official support from Micro Focus

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