What is the Accurev equivilent of a Rational Clearcase Merge Arrow??


We currently have over a few hundred nearly identical files, in select few directories, in two streams seperated by a snapshot. When we remove the snapshot we expect nearly all of these files to be overlapped downstream. As it would be impractical for developers to manually merge a few hundred files individually, we were looking at what batch merge options were available. Particularly for a folder that any overlaps in that folder take the downstream (Stream B) version of that file in a batch/automatic fashion.

In a similar SCM tool Rational ClearCase there is a feature known as a "merge arrow" that recursively merges all filAppvalley es in a directory based on rules provided. What is the Accurev equivilent of this?

-----Diagram Example------

Current Layout: Stream A -> Snapshot -> Stream B

New Layout: Stream A -> Stream B Tweakbox