Docker Client in Kubernetes (aos.c:488 error)


Has anyone gotten the accurev client working in a Kubernetes pod? We have made a Docker container with the AccuRev client. When running in our Amazon EKS cluster, we get this error following a login:


accurev login <myuser> # Successful!
accurev info #F ails...Client time:    2022/05/03 14:12:10 UTC (1651587130)
Server time:    2022/05/03 14:12:10 UTC (1651587130)
-Error- 1 - aos.c:488 - Failure getting system drive table

The above command work just fine in a plain old Docker. They also work just fine in a local Kubernetes cluster via minikube. It only fails in our cluster in Amazon EKS.

It seems that that cluster doesn't allow something filesystem-wise that the accurev client needs. If only I could see the source code of aos.c, line 488 to figure out what it is doing!

Any thoughts?


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    Problem solved. The accurev CLI looks at /etc/mtab  to examine filesystem mounts. In certain Kubernetes clusters, that file didn't exist. The solution was to ensure that a symlink from /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab exists.

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    This will work for insecure "rootfull" dockerd, but it is still an issue for "rootless" podman. Is there any way to have the accurev CLI not rely on /etc/mtab?

    Answer, I was able to workaround by adding "-v /etc/mtab:/etc/mtab" to the podman run command.