Is there a CLI to change the Environment of an Issue?

New to AccuRev.

I am looking to mass change the "Environment" for a large list of Issues inside a stream so I can promote them.

Is there a way to do this from the command line, instead of opening each issue and updating?

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  • you can look in the documentation subdirectory of your Accurev release for information about the WebUI.  In addition, as detailed in the Help system you can use bulk update to update multiple issues with the same changes to one or more fields. For example, you can use bulk update to change the value of the Status field to Scheduled for the issue records you specify.

    To use bulk update, you use the XML to specify:

    The records you want to update

    The fields and values that you want to change

    Returning to the previous example, if you wanted to change the value of the Status fields for issues 72 and 73 to Scheduled, and add a comment to the Description field, your XML might look like this:

    <modifyIssue issueDB="accurev" replaceAll="false">
    <issueNum fid="1">72</issuenumber>
    <issueNum fid="1">73</issuenumber>
    <status fid="3">Scheduled</status>
    <description fid="16">Needs to be fixed ASAP</shortDescription>