"Unknown host" or "REPLICATION_ENABLED" error when trying to run accure


When trying to run 'accurev replica sync' from a remote replica server the following error occurs:

C:\accurev replica sync
get host: Unknown host
Attempt to contact AccuRev server on <myhost.mycompany.com> port 5050 failed.
Giving up.
Replica sync failed.
Warning: Got back bad status from replica server indicating replication failed.
Check whether the replica server is authenticated:
You might need to do a 'login -H master:port -n' on the replica <remote host name>

** You may also get a failure message indicating you should check if you have the REPLICATION_ENABLED = TRUE in the master server's config file **

This problem is due to a white space in the line with the name of the master server in the acserver.cnf file. To resolve this issue you will need to perform the following on the remote server:

1. Browse to your <AccuRev_home>\bin directory and open the acserver.cnf file with a text editor.

2. In the "MASTER SERVER = Myserver" line there should be no white space after the name of the server. When hitting the right arrow button at the end of the server name, the cursor should advance directly to the next line without moving over a space. Remove any white space and save and close the file.

NOTE: If there is white space in the server name itself, for example "my host", you will need to put the name of the host in double quotes.

2a. In the case of a REPLICATION_ENABLED = TRUE error message, remove any white space after the word "TRUE"

3. Restart the AccuRev service on the host and try to run the sync command again.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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