EDITOR env set to vi for unix - gui hangs


If a user has their EDITOR environment variable set to vi, and open acgui, and click on a file, the GUI hangs. Also, if you click on the Update Workspace button in the GUI and try to view the Log, it doesn't open a log window. If the user unsets the EDITOR variable before going into acgui, everything works as it should. Also, for users who set their EDITOR variable to emacs prior to acgui, everything works as it should.

xterm configuration setting problem

set the env like this (below example is for bash):

export EDITOR="xterm -e vi"

Also, you should use AC_EDITOR_GUI as this will only affect acgui.

You will need to use the double quotes. Double-clicking on the file in the GUI or viewing the update log file shouldn't cause any hangs.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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