A time-warp is encounterd if you set the accurev server machine back in


A user noticed the date/time was wrong incorrectly set on the server. After the system time was corrected, performing any accurev operations such as keep, promote, revert to backed or anchor fail with the following error message:

network error - Connection lost while receiving data.
-Error- 6 Communications failure

In the acserver.log file the following entry was found.

2005/11/21 09:46:45 -Error- from 00000A28: 13 Time-warp encountered -
trans.c:117 - System clock has gone backwards in time 75038 seconds.
2005/11/21 09:46:45 unlocking (failsafe 1) 00000A28 0067FE28

Based on the error in the acserver.log file, the server has moved backwards in time. The AccuRev depot requires that transactions are always moving forward in time. Setting the time backwards (in this case 20hrs.50mins.38secs) would cause a problem if the most recent transaction was within the last 20hrs.50mins.38secs. To resolve this problem, you will need to set the time backwards at a time in the day where you could let the system sit idle 20hrs.50mins.38secs. This will allow the server time to catch up with the times recorded in the AccuRev depots. Once this time has past, you will be able to work in AccuRev again. So if you set the time back on the server now, in 21hrs you will be able to use accurev w/o seeing this error.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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