Can't remove user "username" User is currently logged in.


Trying to remove a user from AccuRev fails with the following error:

"Can't remove user joeuser: User is currently logged in."

However if you run the command "accurev show sessions", this user is not logged into AccuRev.

If you are using a pre 4.7.3 version of Accurev, to remove this user, you will need to perform the following steps.

1. Log into your AccuRev server.

2. Stop the AccuRev service/process.

3. cd into <AccuRev install dir>/bin

4. Execute the command:

- maintain chpasswd <username> ""

against the user with the expired session, this will remove the session entry from the site_slice/sessions.dat file in database file.

5. Start the AccuRev service/process.

6. Remove the user.

If you are using version 4.7.3 or above you can issue the following command

accurev remove sessions <username>

and then remove the user.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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