Accessing a Unix-Based Workspace from Windows Clients.


Accessing a Unix-Based Workspace from Windows Clients.

Users sometimes need to access a workspace from both Windows and Unix clients. Starting in AccuRev 3.5.5, a workspace physically located on a Unix machine (in a network-accessible exported file system) can be accessed from both Unix and Windows client machines.

The key is a simple text file, share_map.txt, located in the AccuRev site_slice directory. Each line of this file consists of three TAB-separated fields. Here's a sample entry:

Jupiter accwks /public05/accurev_workspaces

The first field (jupiter) names a Unix machine where one or more workspaces are (or will be) physically stored.

The second field (/accwks) specifies the Windows share name that a Windows machine will use to access the exported Unix file system. All Windows machines must access the file system using the same share name.

The third field (/public05/accurev_workspaces) indicates the Unix file system where those workspaces are located. This file system must be suitably exported for network access.

Note: the separator between fields must be single TAB characters don't use SPACEs. If a specification (e.g. a share name) includes a SPACE character, do not enclose the specification in quotes.

First, here is the relevant portion of our smb.conf file on the cowboys
comment = All users
path = /home
browseable = yes
guest ok = yes
writeable = yes

[home] is the file system we want to have our workspaces under. So based on that "sharing/exporting" from Unix, here is the content of our share_map.txt file:


Then, here is the workspace name/path info for a wspace created on cowboys:

cowboys_jtalbott /home/jtalbott/Desktop/ac45/wspaces/cowboys

Next, on the Windows client, map a shared drive Z: and set the folder equal to \\cowboys\home

Now, on the Windows GUI client, you can simply double-click on the cowboys_jtalbott workspace and I have full access to the contents. This is because the workspace location on cowboys is under the shared mount point and the Windows box has visibility into it via the share and corresponding mapped drive, and AccuRev is aware of it because of the share_map.txt file.

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