Accessing a Windows-Based Workspace From Multiple Clients.


Accessing a Windows-Based Workspace From Multiple Clients.

It is easy to have multiple AccuRev users share a workspace that is physically located on an MS-Windows machine. Designate the top-level directory of the workspace tree as a Windows "shared directory". Alternatively, share a directory that is above the workspace directory.

Each user who wants to use the workspace on his Windows machine gains access to the workspace location through the Map Network Drive command (or the net use command in a Command Prompt window). Even on the machine where the workspace resides, a user must access the storage through a shared directory.

For example, suppose a workspace tree is located at C:\netshare\brass_jjp, where C:\netshare is a shared directory. To access the workspace from that machine or another Windows machine in the network:

1. Map C:\netshare to a drive letter, say X:. (Users on different machine can map C:\netshare to different drive letters.)

2. Set the current working directory to X:\brass_jjp. (A user on another machine might go to Y:\brass_jjp or R:\brass_jjp.)

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