AccuRev stat -m shows no modified files...


A user copies over some newly modified files from outside AccuRev (such as a CVS checkout), to their workspace. The intention is to "keep" the changes into their workspace and depot. However, running <accurev stat -m> (or viewing the Searches view in the GUI) fails to show the complete list that is expected. Doing an <accurev touch> on the file(s) makes the file(s) show up in the <accurev stat -m> (Searches View) output. Doing an <accurev diff> shows visible differences between the files.

By default, AccuRev uses the timestamps of files as an optimization to finding modified files. If the timestamp is older than the last time the workspace was updated, the file will not show up in the 'accurev stat -m' output, nor will it show up in the Searches view as modified. You can disable this optimization by using "-O" in the stat command like this - 'accurev stat -Om'. This will find all of the modified files independent of timestamp but will take longer to run as it forces a checksum for each file in your workspace. You can also clear the optimized checkbox in the directory view and searches (filter) view in the GUI.

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