Change palette between streams with an exclude rule.


What happens if you promote a file from one stream to another stream via change palette and the target stream has an exclude run that excludes the directory to which the file resides.?

If you try to perform a change palette on a stream that has excluded a directory, for example:

Main_stream -- Int_stream -- QA_stream -- WS_1
Test_stream -- Test2_stream

1. WS_1 creates 2 directories, Dir1 and Dir2, both contain an element.

2. WS_1 promotes up to Main_stream, Test and Test2_stream both inherit
these directories.

3. In Test2_stream, exclude Dir2

4. In WS_1 add another element in Dir2

5. Promote changes up to Int_stream

6. Select QA_stream -> change palette -> Select Test2_stream.

7. In Change Palette browser, you will see the new element added in Dir2

8. Select element and click Promote.

9. You will get a warning stating you will need to modify
include/exclude rule first in order to work with this element.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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