Replica sync complains the replica server is not authenticated.


When performing a replica sync, the following error message is returned.

$ accurev replica sync
Replica sync failed.
Warning: Got back bad status from replica server indicating replication failed.
Check whether the replica server is authenticated:
You might need to do a 'login -H master:port -n' on the replica server.

If you receive this error message follow the troubleshooting steps below.

1. Run the following commands from your replica server to log into the Master server and sync the meta data.

- accurev login -H master: port -n
- accurev replica sync

If replica sync still fails, onto step #2.

2. Verify the authmethod of the master and replica server.

On both Master and Replica server, cd into the directory <accurev install dir>/storage/site_slice

Do you have a file called preferences.xml?

If you do not, you are running the traditional authentication method.

If you do, open the file to determine which authentication method your running.

If it contains:


You are running the new AccuRev Login method.

If it contains:


You are running the traditional method.

Both Master and Replica server need to be running the same authentication methods. If they are not, change the master server to match the replica server by running the following command.

- accurev authmethod [ traditional | accurev_login ]

Once you have verified they are both using the same authentication login method, perform your login and replica sync detailed in step #1. If this still fails, onto step #3.

3. Verify an authn file or session token is getting created in the <users home directory>/.accurev folder on the Master server. By users home directory, this is the OS account that the AccuRev service/process is running as. If you have defined the ENV ACCUREV_HOME, this is where the .accurev folder will be stored. If the authn file or session token is not getting created, verify you are logged onto the master server as the OS user account and run the command 'accurev login -n <username> <password>'. You should now have either an authn file or session token under the .accurev folder.

Once you have created the authn/session file, perform your login and replica sync detailed in step #1.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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