How do you resolve your depots when the storage is 100% full?


How do you resolve your depots when the storage is 100% full?
The disk that stores the AccuRev depots and site_slice hit 100% capacity. What are the procedures for moving this data to a new directory?

1. Execute the commands 'accurev show depots' and 'accurev show slices'. This will detail the slice that is associated with each depot.

C:\>accurev show depots
Depot Depot# Slice#
AccuRev_355 1 1

C:\>accurev show slices
Slice# Location
1 C:/Program Files/AccuRev/storage/depots/AccuRev_355

2. Stop the AccuRev process.
UNIX - acserverctl stop
Windows - net stop accurev

3a. Move the directory called storage located under the <accurev_install_directory> to the new location.


3b. whether you restored from backup to this new directory or moved your existing storage to this new location, run <maintain dbcheck> to check the health of the databases. The maintain utility lives in .../accurev/bin (if it is not already in your path). If there are any errors, please contact AccuRev Technical Support. You will need to send them the output from dbcheck as well as your meta-data. For sending in your meta-data refer to FAQ 30 (Sending AccuRev your meta-data).

4. Edit the acserver.cnf file located under the <accurev_install_directory>\bin, change the two lines to point to the new location.

SITE_SLICE_LOC = E:\AccuRev_store\storage\site_slice
DEPOTS_DEFAULT = E:\AccuRev_store\storage\depots

5. Start the AccuRev process.
UNIX - acserverctl start
Windows - net start accurev

6. Execute the command 'accurev chslice -s <slice-number from above show depots command> -l <new depot storage location>'.

C:\>accurev chslice -s 1 -l E:\AccuRev_store\storage\depots\AccuRev_355

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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