Procedure for moving a depot.


What is the procedure for moving a depot?

Be careful when using WinZip® or PKZIP® on a Windows machine to perform the tasks described below: backup/restore of the entire repository, or moving a workspace, reference tree, or depot. You may want to use tar on a Unix machine to "pack up" a directory tree, and then use the Zip utility on a Windows machine to "unpack" it.

* When moving the entire repository or an individual depot, be sure to disable conversion of line-terminators during the "unpack" step:

* In WinZip, make sure the option "TAR file smart CR/LF conversion" is not selected (Options > Configuration > Miscellaneous).

* In PKZIP, make sure the "CR/LF conversion" setting is "None -- No conversion" (Options > Extract).

Enabling conversion of line-terminators during the ?unpack? step will corrupt the text files in a depot's file storage area (see File Storage Area below). The AccuRev Server always expects lines in these text files to be terminated with a single LF character, no matter what kind of machine the server is running on.

* Conversely, when moving a workspace or reference tree, you may wish to enable "TAR file smart CR/LF conversion?\". The files in a workspace or reference tree are handled directly by text-editors, compilers, testing tools, etc. Many Windows text-editors are incapable of handling text files whose lines are terminated with a single LF character.

Move procedure:
First, move the physical contents of the depot with standard operating system tools (e.g. tar, zip, xcopy /s). Then, let AccuRev know about the move with this command:

accurev chslice -s <slice-number> -l <new-location>

(Use accurev show depots to determine the slice number of the depot.)

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