AccuRev is slow when using filter views


AccuRev appears slow when using the filter views

There are a couple things that can affect the performance of the Filters view (and will also affect Update since it does the same things that filters do):

1) Large numbers of "external" files in the workspace. Since AccuRev has to check the timestamps of elements, it has to check to see if the file is an element first. If you have large numbers of external files in your workspace (if your build outputs files directly into the workspace), this will affect performance. The workaround is to:

a) Build external files outside of the workspace.

b) Use the ACCUREV_IGNORE_ELEMS environment variable to ignore
certain external files.

A good write-up on ACCUREV_IGNORE_ELEMS can be found in the AccuRev user manual.

2) If for some reason the timestamps of the files in your workspace are at a different time than your most recent update (you ran the "pop" command, "touch" command, or you copied in a bunch of files from outside the workspace), AccuRev will have to checksum all of those files to see if they are really modified or not. To correct the performance hit, run <accurev update>. This will get things back in sync. Now, the filters (when using the default behavior of optimized), will check the date-time stamp of the last time an update was done. This will dramatically improve performance of the filters view.

3) You have a very large amount of files in the default group of your workspace stream. This is a common occurence when you initially add all of your files to the depot to perform the initial import. Adding files is a two step process, add promote. Once you promote the files to clear your default group, run an update and performance will return back to normal.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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