How fast will the AccuRev database grow?


Will AccuRev's database grow faster than those on other SCM Systems?

AccuRev is an append-only database which is part of TimeSafety. AccuRev depots contain a database for all transaction/meta-data information, as well as a section for version data storage. AccuRev was designed to provide unparalleled performance in handling even the largest of projects.

Compared to other traditional RCS based systems where a 'promote' (push) is a real version and takes up disk space, AccuRev's 'promote' function takes up very little space, by creating database aliases (not real file versions). Stream creation and snapshot creation take up only a trivial amount of disk space (as opposed to VSS which copies all the files everytime you branch...). Also, streams and snapshots take literally seconds to create because there is only a small amount of meta-data to record, unlike the mass amounts of overhead that is usually associated with tradional RCS file based systems. For example, to label a 10,000 file repository in a file-based system would take 10,000 database writes ( 1 for each file ). Similarly, branches cause at least 1 database write per file for every file under version control in file-based systems. AccuRev is architected at the Stream level and as such, can perform major SCM operations at the single stream level, as opposed to using the brute force file-by-file approach of other systems.

One of our customers has over 50,000 files under source control and well over 100,000 transactions and their entire depot is around 9 Gigabytes.

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