Trouble adding files to AccuRev "Element exists excluded:"


Trouble adding files to AccuRev yields error:
"Element exists excluded:"
Trying to add an element to AccuRev returns the following message.

C:\ws_37>accurev add pop.c
Element exists excluded: /pop.c

To access elements that already exist but are excluded,
you will need to modify the include/exclude rules.

The above message will be reported if there is an include directory only rule set. The can be determined by running the <accurev lsrules> command.

C:\ws_37>accurev lsrules
incldo \.\

In order to add a file to AccuRev, you will need to include this directory by executing the <accurev incl "directory"> command. Just a warning, when you run the <accurev incl> command. It will populate all the files and directories in the parent directory.

C:\ws_37>accurev incl .
Including / .
Content (1 K) of "bar.h" - ok
Operation complete.

C:\ws_37>accurev add pop.c
Added and kept element \.\pop.c

You can then toggle it back to an include directory only via the <accurev incldo "directory"> command.

C:\ws_37>accurev incldo .
Including / .
Removing "bar.h" .
Removing "pop.c" .
Operation complete.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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