Update operation fails with "access is denied...error 1" message.


Update operation fails with "access is denied...error 1" message.
Problem completing update operation when same update works on other hosts, you receive a similar error message as the following:

Content (4 K) of
"build-tools\7.1\Common\IDE\Public\integration.dll" -
Content (65 K) of
" -Unable to open file: actmp_0 .
AccuRev Error: 1

System Error: Access is denied.

network error - Size error for int message is 65024
-Error- 6 Communications failure

There are plenty of disk space and memory available. Rebooting local machine doesn't help the situation.

For the 'access is denied...error 1' messages during update, this error usually means 'operation is not permitted' (the error 1). The update is just trying to remove a temp file that it created, during the update. Common causes are if you have a virus scanner running, it may have tried to scan the temp file, while the update was trying to either read/write to it, or delete it...and the virus scanner may have interfered.

Known applications that could cause this problem are, Microsoft Windows indexing service, Virus scanner and Adobe Photoshop Album 3.0 software (it has a "PhotoshopAlbumFileAgent" service running, presumably scanning files).

You can disable Microsoft indexing service for the AccuRev directories by doing the following:

1) On the server, go to Control Panel --> Admin Tools --> Computer
Management --> Services/Applications --> Indexing Service --> System --> Directories

2) Add the AccuRev storage directory as a directory that should not be indexed.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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