AccuRev in a telecommuting environment


How does AccuRev work with remote users and over large WANs?

All communication between the client and server is done via TCP/IP, which is very fast and available everywhere. There is no need to configure any 3rdParty NFS/Samba packages to run over the WAN, which impact speed and reliability. AccuRev handles all communication including data transfer over the TCP/IP connection. AccuRev is very fast over a WAN due to our extremely efficient architecture. Atomic transactions also help to maintain your database integrity, which is especially important when people are connecting remotely.

Your clients can connect to the remote server via VPN, modem pool access, or they can connect to the server via SSH and use port-forwarding to use AccuRev remotely and securely. You can safely and securely use the full GUI and CLI remotely. With regards to firewalls, we do recommend a secure shell or a VPN to secure this channel over an Internet connection.

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