Accurev triggers not working/firing


After installing/configuring triggers, they are not working/firing.

1. Is it a client trigger? If so, make sure that the trigger is installed on the client side in the bin directory (or anywhere in the user's PATH).

2. If it is a server trigger (not server_all_trig, server_admin_trig, server_preop_trig), then it needs to be installed in the bin directory on the server (or anywhere in the PATH of the user running the accurev_server process).

3. If it is the server_all_trig or server_admin_trig, it needs to be on the server in this directory:

4. If it is the server_preop_trig, it needs to be on the server in this directory:
NOTE: This is configured per-depot

5. For Windows:
Make sure perl is in your path (it should be in the SYSTEM path). It should not include any double quotes in the path either (what's the output of it in the path?). Was pl2bat run against the perl script?

6. output from <accurev show -p depot-name triggers>, is the trigger(s) listed?

7. check the log file for the triggers (.../accurev/storage/site_slice/logs) and see if the trigger(s) fired

8. run <perl -c trigger-script> to see if you're missing any perl modules or have syntax errors.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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