How to revert changes in a stream?


Steps to undo changes wrongly made to a stream. The steps below detail how to revert changes in a stream to a previous transaction.

In order to revert a transaction in a stream, you will need to first determine which promote transaction you are going to revert. Once that is done, from the CLI, cd into a workspace whose backing stream is the stream that you wish to perform the revert. Once there, execute the following command, 'accurev revert -t <transaction>'. See example below.

C:\ws_37>accurev revert -t 153
Operation complete. No changes to workspace required.
Changes were made in your workspace to revert transaction # 153.

The transaction which changed your workspace is transaction # 154.

You can promote this transaction to the backing stream and ignore merge conflicts via:
accurev promote -O -t 154

C:\ws_37>accurev promote -O -t 154
Validating elements.
Promoting elements.
Promoted element \.\foo.c

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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