Keep operation fails when a null character gets inserted in element you


Trying to keep an element fails with the following error:

network error - Connection lost while receiving data.
-Error- 6 Communications failure

In the acserver.log file, the following message is reported.

2005/08/03 17:02:57 63741 joe keep 0x3d454002
2005/08/03 17:02:57 network error from 0x3d454002 - Size error for int message is 0
2005/08/03 17:02:57 -Error- from 0x3d454002: 6 Communications failure
2005/08/03 17:02:57 unlocking (failsafe 1) 0x3d454002 0x80cc0d0

This problem only occurs on a certain element, other elements keep without error.

This problem occurs from a null character being inserted into the element you are trying to keep. This is a known defect with AccuRev that has been fixed in AccuRev 3.7.1.

To resolve this issue run through the following steps:

1. accurev stat -m
2. Keep or anchor any modified elements.
2. Copy the file you are trying to keep to a safe location.
3. accurev update <-- this update should work because there is no modified files
4. Copy back the file you were trying to keep.
5. accurev keep <affected element>

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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