Accurev stat "modTime" field question


I have a script the uses the "accurev stat" command to "pop" files that are newer than whats in the pop destination. After the pop I reset the files modification time to the modTime, so that I can know which files to update (I do not want to update every file only the ones that have changes since last time)

I am trying to use the modTime value, but am seeing unexpected values.

if I do "accureve stat -s<STREAM> -fx <file>" what does the modTime represent?

I was expecting to to be the time of the last change (i.e. when the last promote happened). But I am getting a different time, that does not seem to match anything.

I compared this to "Last Modified" time and in some cases it matched, for some workspaces, but for others it was different.
In one case it is showing modTime that was BEFORE the last promote was done.

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