How to send metadata for AccuRev 5.x and later to Support


Sometimes AccuRev Support needs the metadata from the AccuRev server to help reproduce or fix issues. Support will ask for the metadata in these situations.

So, what is needed and how can it be sent in?

Login to the AccuRev server and

1) Run "accurev backup backup_for_incident_1234". This will create a file named "backup_for_incident_1234" within the <accurev_installdir>/storage/site_slice/backup directory.

2) If any of your depots use AccuWork, gather the schema information by creating a tar or zip file of the <accurev_installdir>/storage/depots/<depot_name>/dispatch directory.

3) Upload the resulting file(s) to the AccuRev Support FTP server with the login credentials provided to you by Support. If you do not have FTP login credentials, contact your Support representative to request credentials.

For more information, contact AccuRev Support.

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