What is the difference between Enterprise and Professional?


What is the difference between Enterprise and Professional?

The primary difference between the two editions is that where you are allowed unlimited dynamic streams (promotion steps--think of them like branches, only much more powerful and flexible) between your developer workspaces and your mainline in the Enterprise Edition, you only are allowed two (2) dynamic streams in the Professional Edition.

Snapshots (static streams) do not count towards this two-stream limit because you do not promote through them. Also, bear in mind that, as in the Enterprise Edition, the Professional Edition allows for unlimited workspaces and snapshots.

Since RCS/SCCS based CM tools tend to become very cumbersome when you add a third branch, this limit is practically imposed by these tools. Again, there is no restriction on the number of dynamic streams going north to south (top to bottom). The restriction (for Professional) is the number of dynamic streams going east to west (left to right) between your workspace and the mainline (only two dynamic streams).

A common AccuRev/CM Professional Edition hierarchy would look something like this:

Main-->Main_QA--->Main_Integration--->Developer Workspace
| |
| ----------->Developer Workspace
--->Main_1.0-->Main_1.0_maint-->Main_1.0_maint_int-->Dev wspace

The other primary difference is that Change Packages are only available in the enterprise edition of AccuRev.

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