How to pre-populate the AccuWork "Description" field with multiple lines



Is there a way to populate the AccuWork "Description" field on new issue creation with multiple lines for users to fill in?  For example, a list of these three items

         Build Num:
         Test Suite:
         Host System:

But AccuWork only allows you to pre-populate the field with one line.  Is there a way to do this?


There is a way to automatically add multiple lines of text to the "Description" field.  Technically, the field only takes a single line.  So you couldn't normally have multiple lines.  But with some creativity, we can make that one line appear as multiple lines through the use of rich text like this:

        "Build No: <br>Test Suite: <br>Host System: "

Here are the steps to implement this:

1) In acgui, go to Admin->Schema Editor
2) In the Schema Editor, go to the Schema tab
3) In the list of fields, click on the "Description" field and ensure that "Enable Rich Text" is checked.
4) Now go to the Validation tab
5) Right-click in the "Actions" section of the "initialization of new issue" Condition and select "Add Action"
6) In the popup, set the "Action type" to "setValue", the "Field" to "Description", and the "Value" to your Rich Text text string.
7) Click on "Save" in the lower right-hand corner.
8) Exit the Schema Editor

Now when you create a new AccuWork issue, the "Description" field will display multiple lines of text.

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