How do you remove a stream?


How do you remove a stream from the stream browser? Once the stream is removed, can you use a stream with the same name with a different basis stream?

The command to remove a stream is:

'accurev remove stream <stream name>'.

The remove command deactivates the stream. It does not remove the object from the depot--that would violate AccuRev's TimeSafe property. Instead, it makes the object unavailable for use, and renders it invisible. (You can see invisible objects, using the show -fi command.)

If you make a mistake creating an object, you may want to remove it. But since this command merely deactivates the object, without actually deleting it from the depot, you cannot create a new object with the same name.

If you would like to create a stream with the same name but with a different basis stream, you can simply reactivate the original stream (find the removed stream, right-click and select "reactivate"). You can then drag-and-drop to reparent the stream to a new basis stream.

For more information, contact AccuRev Support.

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