db.c:511 - db 'archives' not found


Depot is not usable. Users unable to keep/promote. Unable to open the gui, and unable to do any accurev command (chstream; stat; etc). Running <maintain dbcheck; reindex depot-name; or migrate depot-name> gives:
-Error- 5 General internal error - db.c:511 - db 'archives' not found

Other errors could be:
Network error - Connection lost while receiving data
-Error- 6 Communications failure

This depot may have a bad datadict.ndb. Very common, a depot was migrated from one platform (different edian) to another and the datadict.ndb was not copied over (located in the site_slice directory). Also, if a depot was upgraded, but was copied over to a machine without actually being upgraded (meaning, the original datadict.ndb file from an older version is being used), this will cause the above errors.

If depot was migrated from one machine to another, copy over the original location's datadict.ndb file and re-run <maintain reindex depot-name>. Assuming this passes, re-run a dbcheck and be sure there are no errors. If the depot was upgraded, but the original (older) datadict.ndb file is being used, copy in the latest version of the datadict.ndb file into its place. If you don't have the original one (it gets created after an install), you can contact AccuRev support to have them send one to you (its not depot specific or site_slice specific). Or you can install AccuRev to a temp location and copy out the datadict.ndb file to its place. Its good to run a dbcheck to be sre there are no additional errors.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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