How to configure a Windows service to access AccuRev using the new logic


How to configure a Windows service to access AccuRev using the new login security feature?

For example, using Cruise Control to check AccuRev for modifications and getting the source code for builds.

Below are the steps needed to configure the Windows service to access AccuRev. We will use Cruise Control for the example.

1. Determine what account the Cruise Control application "Log on As".
Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services
-> Look under the "Log on As" Column for Cruise Control application.

If "Local System" is defined, you need to change this to a user account.

Create a user called cruisecontrol.

2. Set the following environment variable as the user you defined in step #1.

ACCUREV_HOME = <path to your home directory>

Example: ACCUREV_HOME=c:\Documents and Settings\cruisecontrol

3. Log into the Cruise Control build server as the user you created above (example, cruisecontrol) and start the Cruise Control service.

4. Run the command 'accurev login -n <accurev user name> <password>

You should now have a session file generated under the directory:

<cruisecontrol home directory>\.accurev

4. Once these steps are done, the Cruise Control application will have access into AccuRev.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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