How to restrict the client versions that can access a 7.x server



Various releases of the AccuRev client can talk to the AccuRev server.  Is there a way that an admin can restrict server access to only clients that match the server release or to clients that are equal to or higher than a minimum AccuRev client release?



Prior to 7.0, there is no way to do this.  However, in 7.0 and later, this can be done through settings in the acserver.cnf file.

To require users to upgrade to the same release as their 7.x or higher server:

         - set the following in the acserver.cnf:

                REQUIRE_CURRENT_CLIENT = true

        - restart the AccuRev server to pick up the change


To require a minimum client version to talk to the server:

        - run an 'accurev info -v' from the client that you want to make the minimum client release and note the client protocol version

           in the output (eg, "client_ver:  200")

        - add the following to the acserver.cnf (changing the 200 to your client version):

                MIN_PROTOCOL_VERSION  = 200

        - restart the AccuRev server to pick up the change


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