How to determine hostinfo and port for license file


In order for AccuRev to run on the server, you will need a license key with the hostinfo of the server and the port number AccuRev will use. Below are steps you can follow to determine the hostinfo, port and steps for updating a license key.

1. Download AccuRev, below is a link to the download page.

2. Record which port you want AccuRev to use. The default is port upon installation is 5050.

3. Perform a "Full" install on the server. If you don't have a key, it is ok, just hit Enter when asked.

4. Once installed, run the following command to determine the hostinfo:

- accurev hostinfo

If you do not have the accurev bin directory listed in the path environment variable, you you will need to run the command from within the <AccuRev install dir>/bin directory.

5. Now that you have a port and hostinfo, you can request your license key.

6. Once you receive your new key, you will need to perform the following in order to activate AccuRev.

7. Stop the AccuRev server process/service.

8. Copy the keys.txt file to your existing site_slice location. The default location is <AccuRev install dir>/storage/site_slice.

9. Start the AccuRev server process/service.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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