Server admin trigger fails with subprocess execution failed for <path to trigger>


Operations that are controlled by the server_admin trigger fail for all users, including admins. In the acserver.log, the following error is written:
0x48d1c940: 1 - util.c:1107 - subprocess execution failed for '/opt/accurev/storage/site_slice/triggers/' - System Error: 2 No such file or directory

The trigger file was unable to execute on UNIX/Linux as it had Windows DOS formatting. To check the format, some editors will display the information or in vim you can run ':set ff' to check. If all lines are in DOS format, the output will be "fileformat=dos". If even one line is not in DOS format, vim will report "fileformat=unix". In this case, look at the end of every line in the file for a "^M" character which would indicate DOS format. Correcting the file format will resolve the issue.

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