Update_ref script errors when client performs a promote.


After enabling the update_ref script to run from the server_post_promote trigger, when a promote is executed on a client machine the following error is returned.

"Workspace directory on <ref tree server name> not accessible from this machine."

AccuRev is not recognizing the network share when executing the script. From the CLI, the network share is seen because it is part of your user environment and your command shell runs from within that user environment.

When the script executes, it is not running in your user environment so it does not recognize the network share.

Add a line to the server_post_promote.bat script (before it calls perl) to access the share.

The line below illustrates the P drive being mapped to \\frog\public\julie.

net use P: \\frog\public\julie

Please note that you will either have to create a Windows user account that has access to your build machine and run the AccuRev service as that account, or you will have to add a user name and password to the line above.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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