AccuRev Reprise License Manager Troubleshooting FAQ


AccuRev License Manager Troubleshooting FAQ

The following FAQ addresses potential scenarios and issues you may encounter when implementing the AccuRev License Manager (Reprise/ARLM) for licensing:

Q) How do I enable the AccuRev License Manager (ARLM) now that the legacy model of keys.txt has been deprecated?
A) Please see the "License Management" section of the AccuRev Administrator's Guide, available in your <accurev_installdir>/doc directory or at

Q) I have an additional AccuRev Master server that I am trying to point to a remote ARLM, how do I configure that?
A) The /accurev/bin/acserver.cnf file should be configured as documented in the AccuRev Administrator's Guide, License Management section. Example:

In addition, if you are running AccuRev 5.4.1 or earlier, there will need to be a dummy accurev.lic file placed in the /accurev/bin/accurev.lic location of the secondary AccuRev Master server. This simply provides the conduit from this Master to the ARLM. The accurev.lic file can be manually created and will look like this:
HOST ARLM_machine host=ARLM_machine 2375
That information will mirror the values from the original accurev.lic file which resides on the ARLM machine.

Q) How do I validate that my ARLM service is running properly?
A) On Windows, the installer adds the service typically as "AccuRev RLM" and the Startup Type is Automatic. You can verify that "AccuRev RLM" is running by checking the Windows Services console or by running a command like the following from a DOS prompt: sc query "AccuRev RLM" and having the STATE be RUNNING.

You can verify the properties by using the Windows Services console or by running the following command from a DOS prompt: sc qc "AccuRev RLM" 999
The BINARY_PATH_NAME is the important value in the output. It should look something like this:
BINARY_PATH_NAME : "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuRev\bin\rlm.exe" "-c" "C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuRev\storage\site_slice\accurev.lic" "-dlog" " C:\Program Files (x86)\AccuRev\storage\site_slice\logs\rlm.log" "-ws" "5054" -service
There should be fully qualified pathnames for all sections, -c being the location of your accurev.lic file, -dlog being the location of your ARLM debug log, and -ws being the port enabled for the ARLM web administration console.

On Linux, obviously there isn't a system-managed service, but you can use and modify init.d startup scripts provided in <accurev_installdir>/extras/unix/accurev_rlm to have ARLM run at boot time. A simple "ps -ef | grep rlm" will provide output similar to the following if ARLM is running:
jtalbott 19479 1 0 May04 ? 00:00:50 /opt/accurev/bin/rlm -c /opt/accurev/bin/accurev.lic -dlog /opt/accurev/storage/site_slice/logs/rlm.log
jtalbott 19481 19479 0 May04 ? 00:00:03 /opt/accurev/bin/rlm -g accurev /opt/accurev/bin/accurev.set -s 5 -p "/opt/accurev/bin"

There are two entries because one is the Master process and the other is specific to the AccuRev ISV.

Q) When logging in to AccuRev, you receive an "Unable to communicate with the License Server" message.
A) As described, the AccuRev Master server is unable to communicate with the ARLM. This will indicate that either ARLM isn't running, it isn't running correctly, or there is a networking reason why the AccuRev Master server can't communicate with it. Use the methods in this document to troubleshoot the situation.

Q) The /accurev/storage/site_slice/logs/acserver.log file contains an entry like the following:
2012/06/04 10:43:41.182-04:00 Error checking out RLM license: Communications error with license server (-17)
Connection refused at server (-111)

A) These errors indicate that the AccuRev server is unable to communicate with the ARLM. This will be either because the ARLM isn't running, isn't running properly, or there is a network issue. As long as that error persists in the acserver.log file, AccuRev server to ARLM hasn't been successfully established. Use the methods in this document to troubleshoot the situation.

Q) What logging can I check to troubleshoot ARLM issues?
A) The /accurev/storage/site_slice/logs/acserver.log is a primary source of information. Additionally, the ARLM debug log - set in the service definition as something like rlm.log or at process startup time if started manually - will provide helpful details. Finally, the ARLM web administration console, usually accessible via http://<ARLM_machine>:5054 provides access to status as well as a ReportLog. The "Diagnostics" button on the left of that console will let you output the Debug and Report logs to a file, which can be invaluable in troubleshooting efforts.

Q) The rlm.log file contains the following entry:
06/04 10:48 (rlm) accurev initialization error: 5, not restarting
06/04 10:48 (rlm)
06/04 10:48 (rlm) The ISV server is running on the wrong host.
06/04 10:48 (rlm)
06/04 10:48 (rlm) This can happen if:
06/04 10:48 (rlm) The hostid of this machine doesn't match any license file
06/04 10:48 (rlm) - or -
06/04 10:48 (rlm) You are attempting to run the server on a virtual machine

A) This generally means that your accurev.lic file has an incorrect hostname for the machine it's running on. The definitive hostname can be obtained by running "accurev hostinfo" from a command-prompt and referencing the "Host name(RLM)" value.
Correspondingly, the log will contain an entry like:
06/04 10:48 (accurev) Wrong Hostid, exiting
06/04 10:48 (accurev) (expected:, we are: host=arlm)

...indicating that the ARLM machine is "arlm", but the process is expecting the machine to be "" because the entry in the accurev.lic file is "". The resolution is to request a new accurev.lic file with the correct hostname from

Q) Your acserver.log file has errors like Communications error with license server (-17) and
Connection refused at server (-111) and ARLM is running on a machine other than the AccuRev server in question.
A) First, ensure that ARLM is running and running properly using the methods in this document. Then, ensure that you can ping the ARLM machine from the AccuRev machine. If ping returns "could not find host" or "destination host unreachable", you need to resolve the network connectivity between the machines. If ping is successful, you need to ensure that the requisite ARLM port - usually 2375 - is opened through the ARLM machine's firewall. Once opened, you can confirm by running "telnet <ARLM_machine> 2375" from a command-prompt on the AccuRev server machine. If telnet succeeds, the port is opened. If telnet fails, the port is not opened.


In addition, you will need to open a separate port for the "accurev" ISV process to run on.  Contact AccuRev Support to get FAQ #361 or find it here under "FAQ #361: Hardcoding the RLM accurev ISV port so it can be opened on a firewall" (

Q) The beginning of the acserver.log file shows something like the following:
2012/06/04 11:18:38.806-04:00 Server locale is C
2012/06/04 11:18:38.816-04:00 Num accuwork users = 0
2012/06/04 11:18:38.816-04:00 Num kando users = 0
2012/06/04 11:18:38.816-04:00 Num users = 38
...instead of something like the following:

2012/06/04 11:19:58.383-04:00 Server locale is C
2012/06/04 11:19:58.389-04:00 Num accuwork users = 0
2012/06/04 11:19:58.390-04:00 Num kando users = 0
2012/06/04 11:19:58.390-04:00 Num users = 38
2012/06/04 11:19:58.407-04:00 Number of AccuRev licenses = 600, users = 38
2012/06/04 11:19:58.407-04:00 Number of AccuWork licenses = 50, users = 0

A) The lack of existence of the "licenses" portion in the log indicates that when it was started, the AccuRev server was unable to communicate with the ARLM to retrieve the number of licenses available. Troubleshoot Accurev to ARLM communications and/or ARLM status.

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