Restoring a depot fais with: Error- 1 OS error - trans.c:249 - Unable t


Trying to restore a depot returns the following error:

C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\site_slice>maintain restore Test_Depot
AccuRev 3.5.5 (01/04/05) Enterprise Edition
Copyright (c) 1995-2005 AccuRev Inc. All rights reserved
mutexes: 009300B0 00930080 00930050 00930020 00931AF0 : 00931AC0
00442740 00442760 00431ED0
-Error- 1 OS error - trans.c:249 - Unable to create tip temp area - System Error: 21 The device is not ready.

When the user restored the depot, they placed the depot under a different directory structure than the original location. On the original system, the depot was stored under, D:\AccuRev\storage\depots\Test_Depot and on the system where they are attempting to restore, they placed the depot under C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\depots\Test_Depot.

You will need to update AccuRev with the new location of this depot. This can be accomplished by execute the command 'accurev chslice -s <slice #> -l <new location>'. To determine the slice number, run the command 'accurev show slices'

C:\ >accurev show slices
Slice# Location
1 D:\AccuRev\storage\depots\Test_Depot

C:\>accurev chslice -s 1 -l " C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\depots\Test_Depot?
Changed location of slice '1' .

C:\ >accurev show slices
Slice# Location
1 C:\Program Files\AccuRev\storage\depots\Test_Depot

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