Restoring after an accidential deletion of an element from your workspac


How to restore after an accidental deletion of an element in your workspace?

You can use 'accurev pop' to obtain a copy of the element from the depot.

Procedure from the command line:
1. cd into your workspace
2. Run the command 'accurev stat -M' to list missing element.

C:\wsstorage\test>accurev stat -M
.\foo.txt test\1 (2\1) (missing)

3. Populate the element that is missing using the 'accurev pop' command.

C:\wsstorage\test>accurev pop foo.txt
Populating element \.\foo.txt

4. Verify the element was restored to the (backed state).

C:\wsstorage\test>accurev stat foo.txt
.\foo.txt test\1 (2\1) (backed)

Procedure from the GUI:
1. Select the element whose status is "missing".
2. Right click on the element and select Populate.
3. Click Ok
4. Click Close
5. The status of the element you populated should now indicate backed.

For more details on the pop(ulate) command, please refer to the Accurev User's Guide.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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