You are not authorized to promote to the backing stream.


You are not authorized to promote to the backing stream.
Trying to promote changes from one stream into the backing stream returns the message.
"You are not authorized to promote to the backing stream."

# accurev promote -s child_stream -S parent_stream foo.c
Validating elements.
You are not authorized to promote to the backing stream.

There can be a few reason why the user can not promote to the backing stream.

1. The depot can have an ACL set, restricting certain users/groups from modifying the depot. Execute the command 'accurev lsacl depot' to list the access control list that pertains to depots.

# accurev lsacl depot
|Project| |Group--| |rights|
|Accurev| |anyuser| |none--|

In this case, the depot (Accurev) has an ACL set so anyuser has no rights.

2. Check the stream level ACL. Execute the command 'accurev lsacl stream'.

# accurev lsacl stream
|Stream------| |Group| |rights|
|Accurev-----| |eng--| |all---|
|child_stream| |eng--| |all---|

In this case, the stream parent_stream does not have an ACL associated to it. And since there is a depot ACL set, this stream is inheriting the ACL characteristics of the depot.

To set the ACL for this stream, execute the command 'accurev setacl stream'. See the setacl command in the reference manual for detailed options.

3. If the ACL's are set based upon specific groups. Verify the user is added to the correct group. This can be accomplished by running 'accurev show members'.

# accurev show members
|User| |Group|
|joe-| |eng--|
|fred| |eng--|

4. Verify that the user trying to promote the files are an authuser. This can be accomplished by running 'accurev secinfo'.

# accurev secinfo

Verify that you don't have any triggers on the depot.
<accurev show -p depotname triggers>

This will inform you if any pre-op or post-op triggers are enabled. It reports for both server-side and/or client-side triggers. The server_admin_trig (in versions prior to 3.5, this was the server_all_trig) is not displayed in the above output. To validate, check to see if this directory structure exists:

Lastly, verify that there are no "locks" on the stream or depot. The error doen't indicate that any are in place, but you will want to rule this out.
<accurev show -p depotname locks>

For more information contact AccuRev Support.

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