How can I apply the column settings I have in my Pending Searches view


How can I apply the column settings I have in my Pending Searches view to all my other searches?

When browsing your private workspace view via the AccuRev GUI you now have the option in 4.5 to add additional columns into your Folders view and your Searches View. If you exit the GUI after adding new columns those will be saved in your preferences.xml file stored in your .accurev directory, usually located in your HOME_DRIVE\HOME_PATH on Windows or your home directory on Unix.

If you have added columns to your PENDING Searches view for example, and wish to apply those same changes to your other searches, simply copy the section that identifies the column you wish to copy and paste the columns into the other elements. Follow the format as outlined below by copying the <Column> element from the search view you already modified via the AccuRev GUI. Is should similar to the following:


In the preferences.xml file you will see an element <AC_COLUMN_SETUP> followed by a number of elements for each searches view. A complete listing of those elements are as follows:


Once you have completed the changes you will need to save the preferences.xml file.

This technique can also be used to resize your columns by modifying the WIDTH attribute for any one of the elements.

Before making these modifications you will need to exit the AccuRev GUI since exiting the GUI automatically overwrites this file. Since this file is probably not under AccuRev from a version control perspective, AccuRev recommends that you make a copy of your preferences.xml file before making modifications.

For more information contact AccuRev Support.

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