Update reference tree yields "Error: unable to open tmp file: actmp_9"


FAQ 91: Update reference tree fails with, Error: unable to open tmp file: actmp_9
Trying to update a reference tree, reports the following error.

C:\accurev\ref_tree>accurev update -r TREE
Update started
Calculating changes - ok
Making 1 change
Content (60 K) of "tools\windows\test.cmd" - failed
Error: unable to open tmp file: actmp_9
Update failed.

1. Check the disk space and system resources on the machine.
2. check the permission on your default ac_tmp directory. In your HOMEPATH you will find a .accurev folder. This folder contains a file called 'ac_tmp_map.txt'. It points to the AccuRev temp folder.
3. it may be the preferences.xml file that is giving the error. In the same .accurev folder, rename the preferences.xml file out of the way. Close the AccuRev gui and restart it. This will create a new preferences.xml file. Typically, this is a problem with acgui. However, its an easy one to rule out.

If you are hitting a limitation with any of the above tips, resolve those issues and retry the <accurev update -r>.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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