What is the proper way to revert by change package?


What is the proper way to revert by change package?

The procedure for performing a "Revert by Change Package" is as follows.

1. Move an existing workspace or create a new one off the stream that contains the issue you are going to revert.

2. Update this workspace. (If it was an existing workspace)

3. Make sure the Default Group of this workspace contains no elements. If it does, purge or promote those active elements (If it was an existing workspace)

4. Right click on the stream -> select "Show Issues"

5. Select the issue from the "Show Issues" list and click on "Revert by Change Package" icon.

6. Select the workspace from step #1.

7. Keep and Exit from the merge tool.

8. Click on the Default Group -> Select the elements in this list -> Promote

9. When the list of issues is presented to you, click on "New Issue".

10. Create a new issue called "Reverting Change Package Issue # <whatever issue you are reverting>"

11. Promote these changes and associate with this new issue.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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