How do you prevent a stream from receiving updates automatically.


How do you prevent a stream from receiving updates automatically?

Suppose you have two components. Component1 depends on code in Component2, both parented by a stream called "Main".

Main - Component1
- Component2

You want to promote changes from Component2 into Main in order to do some unit testing, but don't want the Component1 development stream to automatically receive those changes until the tests are successful.

You can apply a time basis to the Component1 stream. This will block any new changes in the parent from being inherited into the child. To do this, you will select the Component1 stream -> Right Click -> Change Stream -> under the "Date&Time" section select "Now".

When you are ready to inherit the changes from your parent stream (Main), you can perform the same steps and either remove the time basis "None" or select "Now".

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