Diffing an element with backed status against version in backing stream


Performing a diff on an element with a backed status against the version in the backing stream shows a conflict.

% accurev diff -b backing_stream foo.c
diffing element /./foo.c
< revision=3D"00.13.03"
> revision=3D"00.14"

% accurev stat foo.c
.\foo.c backing_stream\1 (2\3) (backed)
% accurev stat -b foo.c
\.\foo.c backing_stream\1 (2\3) (member)

Execute the command 'accurev stat -O <element>' from within the workspace.

% accurev stat -O foo.c
.\foo.c backing_stream\1 (2\3) (modified)

When you ran the 'accurev stat -O' command, this turns off optimization and searches for modified files whose modifications times precede the workspaces update time. So as you can see, you have an element whose date stamp is older than the workspace update time. If you were to run the command 'accurev touch <element>', it will update the time-last modified timestamp. Now when you run the command 'accurev stat <element>', it will show as modified.

% accurev touch foo.c
% accurev stat foo.c
.\foo.c backing_stream\1 (2\3) (modified)

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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