Performing a Test Upgrade for AccuRev


Performing a Test Upgrade for AccuRev
How can I perform a test upgrade of AccuRev while still maintaining my production environment?

The AccuRevRegistered Administrator’s Guide for the version you are running has a section titled "Moving the AccuRev Server and Repository to Another Machine."  These steps can be used to set up a test machine where you can trail the upgrade from one AccuRev version to another version.  As of this writing AccuRev 7.3 is the current release and the link above is for this version.

Additional Information Regarding Performing a Test Upgrade of AccuRev:
Upgrading to a new AccuRev release is typically fast and easy. You can install the new release on top of the old release, both on the server machine and on all client machines, following the steps detailed in the new release Installation and Release Notes. Once the repository has been modified under the new release, however, you cannot “roll it back" and reinstall the old release.

For this reason, some administrators prefer to do a test installation of the new release. This involves creating an environment that combines a copy of the existing repository with the new AccuRev software. In this environment, you can validate AccuRev command line, GUI,  and WebUI functionality independently. You can also verify any triggers, and so on  all without interrupting your organization's ongoing development activities.

Before performing the upgrade you need to "Verifying the Health of the Repository". Perform the following steps on the machine that runs the AccuRev Server process in your production environment:

Use the maintain utility, located in the AccuRev bin directory, to verify that the repository databases are in a consistent state. The AccuRevRegistered Administrator’s Guide as details as to what the maintain dbcheck will validate and options on how to run this command.
<maintain dbcheck>

To perform the test upgrade you will need to obtain a test license. On the test AccuRev server run 'accurev hostinfo' and use the output when requesting a test license file. Be sure to let us know if the test machine will be using a different port than the default of 5050 for AccuRev client-server communication.  AccuRev License link is under  --->

For more information contact Micro Focus' AccuRev Technical Support via  My Incidents

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