Should the AccuRev server be on a dedicated system?


Should the AccuRev server be on a dedicated system?

It is not necessary, but it's a good general rule and best practice. Administration from the OS level is easier to manage if the server is not performing too many functions or consuming too many resources for several applications.

AccuRev is architected to scale as needed. The communication between the client and server is minimal as compared to other file-based cm tools, which is constantly sending RPC calls back and forth between the server and client just to figure out what versions you are supposed to be looking at. With AccuRev, the network traffic is much less and AccuRev can scale much, much higher.

A suggestion is for smaller sized projects/depots (based on overall size and number of users), start out with a server sharing its resources. As the projects/depots' overall sizes increase, moving AccuRev to its own machine is recommended.

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