General Performance Problems (GUI responsiveness)


Before checking with support I'd like to get some opinions here.

I start to get reports from users claiming that the (GUI) responsiveness of their AccuRev is degrading. They say that diff-vs-backed or workspace-status-updates or initiating a merge for a file "feel slower" during the last weeks than they used to a couple of months back.
They would say that clicking "merge" for an overlapping file used to be nearly instantaneous, while now they feel a certain lag. (So what are we looking at? 0,1 sec vs. 1,1 sec vs. 1,9 sec vs. 3 sec maybe ...)

  • The server process is already restarted every week on sunday to prevent any problems due to a long running process on windows.
  • The server is kept fully defragmented (by Diskkeeper) and anyway the 800GB NTFS disk where the storage is on has 80% free space.
  • The only constant load on the server is the JIRA integration bridge, but this is running since over two years now so if it would be a problem we should've notices earlier

One point that is a bit crappy is that the server logs only resolve to seconds, that is I am not able to glean any sub-second infos from the site slice logs and so they are not much help for this responsiveness issues.

Maybe anyone knows if the GUI debug mode can be used to investigate this?

Any ideas?

(Currently on Accurev 4.7.4b, Windows only)


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