Does AccuRev support Unicode files?


Does AccuRev support Unicode files?
Does AccuRev support Unicode files?

Currently AccuRev does not support Unicode files. There is an enhancement request, for this issue, RFE #4181.

AccuRev does a best guess on the contents of the file and determines if its text or binary. If you don't want the Unicode characters, as a workaround, open the Unicode files in Notepad.

File -> Save As
File Name: Select the exiting filename
Save as Type: All Files
Encoding: ANSI

Switching the file to ANSI encoding will remove the Unicode characters. If you do want them as Unicode, what you'll need to do is add them (in the future) as binary files, since AccuRev adds them as text which is incorrect. From the CLI, you can switch them to binary by executing 'accurev keep -E binary file-name'

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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