No write access for "."


During an <accurev promote> operation, the following message is returned:

"no write access for ."

There are a couple reasons for this.

If this is a stream to stream promote:

<accurev promote -s -S>

The permissions on the .../accurev/bin directory are incorrect. For UNIX, you need to open the permissions up <chmod 777 .../accurev/bin>. If this is Windows, make sure the read-only bit is not set.

If this is a wspace promote, most likely the wspace directory is read-only. Make sure the read-only attribute bit is not set. Most likely, it&#146;s not a problem with temp, but you should verify that TEMP and TMP have enough space to create file(s). Not only should you be able to create a file in TEMP/TMP, but you should be able to add contents into the temp file too.

Lastly, check to be sure there are no client-side triggers in place that shouldn't be there. If so, be sure that .../accurev/bin is writable. Use the same test as for TEMP/TMP.

As a workaround, create a pick and choose wspace off the same stream. Test to see if this wspace has the ability to keep/promote to its backing stream. If so, you should be able to move the wspace from its current location to another. Run the commands:

<accurev chws -w wspace-name -l path-to-new-location>
cd to the new wspace location
run the command <accurev pop -R -O .>

Again test to be sure you can keep/promote. If all is well, remove the old storage directory for the wspace and the pick and choose wspace if no longer needed.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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