Updating a workspace fails with the error message "Update Failed".


After updating a workspace, a message box popped up saying, "Update Failed" -

The "View Full Log" only reports the following.

Update started
Scanning for recently touched elements - ok
Calculating changes - ok
Making 478 changes
Update failed.
Update complete.

In AccuRev 3.2 or earlier, the way to resolve this problem is to run the following commands from the CLI.

1. cd into the workspace you wish to update
2. accurev update -9
3. accurev pop -R -O .

In versions up to AccuRev 3.7.1 the reason for this error is due to elements about to be stranded in the workspace. These elements will not be reported when running an 'accurev stat -i'. To find these elements, look in the default group and/or execute an 'accurev update -i'. Are there defuncted elements which would strand those elements?

If you can't determine which defunct element will strand those elements, run steps 1 through 3 to use as a workaround.

For more information contact AccuRev Support

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