v3.3.1 gui doesn't display on Windows ME


AccuRev v3.3.1 gui doesn't display properly on Windows ME. There's no errors and its not a paint refresh issue either. Certain fields display well, while others appear to be hidden. Switching between compiled gui and non-compliled gui has the same affect. CLI works fine, its stricly a java problem. v3.2 gui was functional.

The specific cause is unknown. The biggest change between v3.2 and v3.3.1 is the version of the jre. Currently, v3.3.1 uses jre 1.4.1_02, while v3.2 used v1.3.1. Its important to check if the user installed our jre or is trying to use an existing jre as this may also be a cause. Check to see if other jre's are being called in the path before our jre.

This is more of a workaround. Users who have been affected by this, have been able to use the jre from v3.2. This is available via download:
Simply save the existing jre to something like jre_ORIG, then download the jre131 version from our website and unpack it to this location .../accurev/jre. Starting the gui now should be functional.

For more information contact AccuRev Support"

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